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Please note that you need to activate your account before you can use it. Please read the information on the page you’ll see after you have submitted this form, and check your inbox for your activation email.

This registration page can only be used to create OpenAthens accounts for NHS England users. Users from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should access the relevant service using the links below:

If we do not recognise your email address or the location of where you are registering from, you will not automatically be eligible to access online resources. An OpenAthens administrator will assess your details and decide whether you meet the eligibility criteria. You should if possible:

  • Enter a work email address
  • Register from your place of work

If you cannot find the name of your organisation you should try one from the following list and include your region or area of England.

  • GPs and practice staff
  • CCG staff
  • Public health organisations
  • Non-NHS healthcare provider organisations
  • Social care provider organisations
  • Commissioning organisations, or
  • Other commissioning organisations
  • Other eligible staff

Eg. GPs and practice staff in Avon

Data Protection

Your details will be held by Eduserv to provide you with information on the resources available and will be accessible by your OpenAthens administrator(s).

You may be contacted by your local NHS library about local services, training and support in relation to OpenAthens resources.

For more details, see NICE’s privacy notice and Eduserv’s privacy notice.